SEC Whistleblower Program

Eligibility for the SEC Whistleblower Program

With few exclusions or qualifications, any individual or group of individuals, regardless of citizenship, can participate in the program, potentially earning significant SEC whistleblower awards.

The SEC receives thousands of whistleblower submissions each year and many of those are denied outright because the whistleblower, or the information the whistleblower supplies, doesn’t meet the eligibility requirements of the program.

There’s a lot to know. Sometimes the questions have simple answers. Sometimes it’s a little more complicated.

Do you live in London? Iceland? Morocco?

Doesn’t matter. You can reside in, or be a citizen of, any country in the world and be an SEC whistleblower.

Do you know of an SEC violation that hasn’t happened yet, but you are aware of a scheme that will be rolled out soon?

Report it. If you have a good faith belief that a violation of the securities laws is about to occur, that qualifies.

Is the SEC already in the know?

This is tricky. The SEC whistleblower program is designed to encourage prompt reporting and, as such, rewards whistleblowers who report original information. Bottom line, get there first. That said, we have had clients supplement existing whistleblower reports and receive monetary awards. This can happen when subsequent whistleblowers provide information that significantly contributes to the success of the enforcement action.

Although the difficult decision about whether, how, and when to blow the whistle will depend upon the unique facts and circumstances of each case, we have created a confidential and personalized eligibility calculator to help potential SEC whistleblowers better understand their eligibility for these important statutory whistleblower rights.

Click below to try the calculator and, as always, feel free to give us a call.

Eligibility Calculator

Surveys say that while most professionals would report wrongdoing with protections and monetary incentives, many don’t know about the SEC Whistleblower Program or if they are eligible to participate. Do you?

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