A Practice

Like No Other

  • A team with nearly a century of federal law enforcement experience led by a principal architect of the SEC Whistleblower Program.
  • Exclusively partners working as SEC whistleblower attorneys.
  • World-class in-house investigators and analysts.
  • A low-volume, ultra-selective practice winning precedent-setting SEC whistleblower awards.

The SEC has secured more than

$1 billion

in monetary sanctions

as a result of our clients' tips

Our Clients Have Earned the


SEC Whistleblower

Awards in History

In 2019, we testified before


on proposals to

strengthen securities enforcement

We represented the



of a Public Company to receive an SEC whistleblower award

Our partners led more than



Enforcement Actions

Our Case Led to the



Successfully Prosecuted for Retaliating Against An SEC Whistleblower

Our clients' tips led to the


SEC Settlement

in 2016 and the second largest in 2016

We represented the


SEC Whistleblower

To receive criminal immunity

Building the Strongest Case

Former SEC & DOJ Prosecutors

We've got a century of experience in federal law enforcement. No other whistleblower practice comes close. Every single one of our partners spent years building successful securities cases. Not in some cozy law firm job, but in the thick of it, running investigations, interviewing witnesses, living and breathing the federal securities laws.

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World-Class Research Team

The road from tip to successful enforcement action is long. We are selective in our cases and rigorous in our analysis, calling upon a seasoned in-house team of investigators, accountants and analysts led by a decorated FBI agent. The stakes for whistleblowers are too high for anything less.

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In the Heart of Wall Street

If you want to clean up Wall Street, it helps to be a stone's throw away from it. In our state-of-the-art headquarters in lower Manhattan, our team maintains key relationships and forges alliances that inure to our clients' benefit.

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An Exclusive Focus

In a post-Madoff universe, SEC whistleblowers are best served by SEC whistleblower lawyers. The securities laws are too complex for rookies. We operate with laser focus on our niche practice, intimately familiar with the governing statutes, regulatory guidance and best practices for building successful securities enforcement cases.

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An Unparalleled Knowledge Arsenal

Leveraging our enforcement experience at the SEC and our in-the-trenches work as the nation's first SEC whistleblower practice, we have created rich proprietary resources to assist prospective SEC whistleblowers, the media, academics and members of the Bar.


We love what we do. And that passion fuels an engine of ideas. So when it comes to the SEC Whistleblower Program, we write, speak, tweet, post, moderate and educate more than any other law firm in the world.

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