Our Clients

While we act on behalf of the world’s largest institutional investors in our securities litigation practice, our SEC whistleblower clients are diverse, coming from all walks of life, a wide range of industries and every corner of the globe.

Private Securities Litigation Clients

On behalf of prominent institutional investors around the world, our firm has taken on a veritable who’s who of Corporate America, recovering billions of dollars and compelling sweeping corporate governance reforms to ensure that the financial markets operate with transparency, fairness and accountability.

Top 3

One of the top 3 firms most frequently appointed by courts as lead counsel in the top 100 securities class action cases of all time

$12 Billion

More than $12 billion recovered on behalf of clients

200+ Clients

Represent over 200 clients with combined assets under management > $2 trillion

25% Higher

Our settlements average 25% higher than the industry average


Our dismissal rate is more than 20% below the industry average

Top 25

We represent 19 of the top 25 public/labor pension funds holding assets of teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, municipal employees and union workers

SEC Whistleblower Clients

Our clients tend to be senior executives that have a lot to lose or other knowledgeable individuals who are able to substantiate significant possible securities violations. While the majority of our clients elect to remain anonymous, we can share certain data points to provide greater insight into our practice.

Our clients’ tips resulted in landmark SEC enforcement actions against JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch — combined settlements of more than $720 million.

$1 Billion

Our clients' tips have led to more than $1 billion in monetary sanctions levied by the SEC, approximately 25% of the Commission's total annual sanctions.


11% of our clients live outside the US.

17.5% of Awards

While we have represented 9% of successful whistleblowers, our clients’ bounties amount to more than 17.5% of the total awarded by the SEC (as of April 2017).

66% Financial Sector

While our clients have reported on public companies, banks, asset managers, broker-dealers, hedge funds, rating agencies and accounting firms, among others, 66% of them were in the financial services sector.


25% of our clients are “outsiders” – i.e. not employed by defendant company.

It's Personal

We are selective. Our past success allows us to be patient. Our work is deeply personal. We seek clients who are willing to roll up their sleeves and work hard to ensure the success of their cases and we studiously avoid clients who don’t play well with others. Ultimately, we trust our instincts. When a case is truly special, we feel it. It changes and excites us. Working with courageous SEC whistleblowers is the most rewarding thing that we can imagine doing with our lives.

Named one of the top whistleblower practices/attorneys in the country by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and NPR
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