Private Securities Cases


Well before the SEC Whistleblower Program was established, securities litigation was the bedrock of our firm. For decades, our lawyers have secured major results, reforms and recoveries in high-stakes securities cases. In keeping with this national reputation for excellence and consistent recognition by the bench and bar, we are one of the top five law firms most frequently appointed by the courts as lead counsel in securities class action cases.

On behalf of over 200 prominent institutional investors, we have successfully taken on a veritable Who’s Who of Corporate America and Wall Street.

Defendant Resolution Date Sector Settlement Amount
American International Group 09/11/2013 Financial $1,000,000,000
HealthSouth Corporation 07/26/2010 Health Care $671,000,000
Countrywide Financial Corp. 03/04/2011 Financial $624,000,000
Lehman Bros. 04/16/2014 Financial $615,218,000
Schering-Plough Corp. 10/01/2013 Health Care $473,000,000
Waste Management, Inc. 04/29/2002 Industrial $457,000,000
General Motors 01/06/2009 Consumer Discretionary $303,000,000
State Street Corp. 07/26/2016 Financial $300,000,000
Bear Stearns Cos. Inc. 11/29/2012 Financial $294,900,000
El Paso Corp. 03/09/2007 Energy $285,000,000
Massey Energy Co. 06/04/2014 Energy $265,000,000
CNL Hotels & Resorts, Inc. 08/01/2006 Consumer Discretionary $225,000,000
WellCare Health Plans, Inc. 05/04/2011 Health Care $200,000,000
Bristol-Myers Squibb 11/23/2004 Health Care $185,000,000
Broadcom Corp. 12/04/2012 Information Technology $173,500,000
Fannie Mae 03/03/2015 Financial $170,000,000
Satyam Computer Services, Ltd. 02/04/2014 Information Technology $150,500,000
Barrick Gold 06/15/2016 Materials $140,000,000
Biovail Corp. 08/08/2008 Health Care $138,000,000
Weatherford International Ltd. 11/04/2015 Energy $120,000,000
Mercury Interactive Corp. 09/25/2008 Information Technology $117,500,000
Computer Sciences Corp. 09/20/2013 Information Technology $97,500,000
Amgen Inc. 09/20/2016 Health Care $95,000,000
Bank of America 10/25/2010 Financial $90,000,000
MF Global Ltd. 11/18/2011 Financial $90,000,000
Nations Funds Trust 10/25/2010 Financial $90,000,000
Real Estate Associates ltd. 11/24/2003 Real Estate $83,000,000
St. Paul Travelers 07/24/2008 Financial $77,000,000
Credit Suisse Group 07/20/2012 Financial $70,000,000
St. Paul Travelers 12/28/2005 Financial $67,500,000
Regions Morgan Keegan 08/06/2013 Financial $62,000,000
Hewlett-Packard Co. 09/15/2014 Information Technology $57,000,000
Oppenheimer (Champion Fund) 09/30/2011 Financial $52,500,000
CVS Caremark Corp. 02/17/2016 Consumer Staples $48,000,000
Monster Worldwide, Inc. 11/25/2008 Information Technology $47,500,000
Oppenheimer (Core Bond Fund) 09/30/2011 Financial $47,500,000
Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. 03/01/2016 Consumer Staples $47,000,000
NII Holdings Inc. 09/16/2016 Telecommunication Services $41,500,000
Huron Consulting Group Inc. 05/06/2011 Industrial $38,000,000
STEC, Inc. 05/23/2013 Information Technology $35,750,000
DHB Industries Inc. 07/08/2008 Industrial $34,900,000
Deutsche Bank 07/11/2012 Financial $32,500,000
Van Kampen Funds, Inc. 01/18/2006 Financial $31,500,000
Celestica Inc. 07/28/2015 Information Technology $30,000,000
NovaGold Resources, Inc. 09/10/2010 Materials $26,600,000
SafeNet, Inc. 12/20/2010 Information Technology $25,000,000
Transaction Systems Architects, Inc. 09/29/2008 Information Technology $24,500,000
Carter's Inc. 10/11/2013 Consumer Discretionary $23,300,000
Autoliv, Inc. 10/29/2014 Consumer Discretionary $22,500,000
Gildan Activewear Inc. 03/02/2011 Consumer Discretionary $22,500,000
Take-Two Interactive 10/18/2010 Information Technology $20,115,000
International Business Machines 09/10/2008 Information Technology $20,000,000
Colonial BancGroup Inc. 06/19/2015 Financial $18,400,000
Just for Feet 12/14/2005 Consumer Discretionary $17,750,000
Aeropostale, Inc. 05/14/2014 Consumer Discretionary $15,000,000
Computron Software, Inc. 10/20/1998 Information Technology $15,000,000
Fifth Street Finance Corp. 09/23/2016 Financial $14,050,000
American Tower Corp. 06/11/2008 Real Estate $14,000,000
Accuray Inc. 12/08/2011 Health Care $13,500,000
Lender Processing Services, Inc. 03/04/2014 Financial $13,100,000
KV Pharmaceutical Co. 04/23/2014 Health Care $12,800,000
OmniVision Technologies, Inc. 06/05/2015 Information Technology $12,500,000
Amkor Technology Inc. 11/19/2009 Information Technology $11,250,000
CapRock Communications Corp. 11/21/2003 Telecommunication Services $11,000,000
SupportSoft, Inc. 10/02/2007 Information Technology $10,700,000
Eaton Vance Corp. 04/26/2006 Financial $10,500,000
InterMune, Inc. 08/29/2005 Health Care $10,400,000
Cyberguard Corp. 05/07/2004 Information Technology $10,000,000
HCC Insurance Holdings Inc. 07/17/2008 Financial $10,000,000
Herley Industries, Inc. 09/14/2010 Industrial $10,000,000
Morgan Stanley & Co. 11/17/2005 Financial $10,000,000
MRV Communications Inc. 06/13/2013 Information Technology $10,000,000
A10 Networks, Inc. 09/15/2016 Information Technology $9,800,000
Castlight Health, Inc. 07/13/2016 Health Care $9,500,000
Velti plc 02/03/2015 Information Technology $9,500,000
Able Laboratories 08/25/2010 Health Care $9,150,000
Vocera Communications, Inc. 07/29/2016 Health Care $9,000,000
Model N, Inc. 04/05/2016 Information Technology $8,500,000
Spectranetics Corp. 04/05/2011 Health Care $8,500,000
Royal Group Technologies 03/11/2008 Industrial $8,483,203
Van der Moolen Holding N.V. 12/07/2006 Financial $8,000,000
ViroPharma Inc. 05/07/2015 Health Care $8,000,000
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 06/13/2016 Health Care $7,000,000
K12 Inc. 07/25/2013 Consumer Discretionary $6,750,000
Infineon Technology AG 11/01/2011 Information Technology $6,200,000
InnerWorkings, Inc. 05/24/2016 Industrial $6,025,000
Chemed Corp. 07/15/2014 Health Care $6,000,000
Coinstar Inc. 11/09/2012 Information Technology $6,000,000
Molson Coors 05/18/2009 Consumer Staples $6,000,000
Zale Corp. 07/10/2008 Retail $5,900,000
PricewaterhouseCoopers International Ltd. 10/07/2011 Industrial $5,000,000
Sonic Solutions 04/08/2010 Information Technology $5,000,000
Career Education 09/18/2008 Consumer Discretionary $4,900,000
Wells Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc. 04/18/2013 Real Estate $4,900,000
Sterling Foster & Co. 10/31/2006 Financial $3,600,000
iMergent Securities 03/30/2011 Information Technology $2,800,000
NeuStar, Inc. 12/03/2015 Information Technology $2,625,000
PriceSmart Inc. 08/26/2005 Consumer Staples $2,400,000
Cbeyond, Inc. 01/05/2010 Telecommunication Services $2,300,000
Maxim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 09/25/2006 Health Care $2,300,000
DG FastChannel, Inc. 09/14/2011 Consumer Discretionary $2,000,000
Vesta Insurance Group, Inc. 08/09/2002 Financial $1,950,000
Limelight Network, Inc. 03/23/2011 Information Technology $1,900,000
Citadel Security Software, Inc. 12/15/2006 Information Technology $1,750,000
DefendantAmerican International Group
Resolution Date09/11/2013
Settlement Amount$1,000,000,000
DefendantHealthSouth Corporation
Resolution Date07/26/2010
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$671,000,000
DefendantCountrywide Financial Corp.
Resolution Date03/04/2011
Settlement Amount$624,000,000
DefendantLehman Bros.
Resolution Date04/16/2014
Settlement Amount$615,218,000
DefendantSchering-Plough Corp.
Resolution Date10/01/2013
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$473,000,000
DefendantWaste Management, Inc.
Resolution Date04/29/2002
Settlement Amount$457,000,000
DefendantGeneral Motors
Resolution Date01/06/2009
SectorConsumer Discretionary
Settlement Amount$303,000,000
DefendantState Street Corp.
Resolution Date07/26/2016
Settlement Amount$300,000,000
DefendantBear Stearns Cos. Inc.
Resolution Date11/29/2012
Settlement Amount$294,900,000
DefendantEl Paso Corp.
Resolution Date03/09/2007
Settlement Amount$285,000,000
DefendantMassey Energy Co.
Resolution Date06/04/2014
Settlement Amount$265,000,000
DefendantCNL Hotels & Resorts, Inc.
Resolution Date08/01/2006
SectorConsumer Discretionary
Settlement Amount$225,000,000
DefendantWellCare Health Plans, Inc.
Resolution Date05/04/2011
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$200,000,000
DefendantBristol-Myers Squibb
Resolution Date11/23/2004
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$185,000,000
DefendantBroadcom Corp.
Resolution Date12/04/2012
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$173,500,000
DefendantFannie Mae
Resolution Date03/03/2015
Settlement Amount$170,000,000
DefendantSatyam Computer Services, Ltd.
Resolution Date02/04/2014
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$150,500,000
DefendantBarrick Gold
Resolution Date06/15/2016
Settlement Amount$140,000,000
DefendantBiovail Corp.
Resolution Date08/08/2008
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$138,000,000
DefendantWeatherford International Ltd.
Resolution Date11/04/2015
Settlement Amount$120,000,000
DefendantMercury Interactive Corp.
Resolution Date09/25/2008
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$117,500,000
DefendantComputer Sciences Corp.
Resolution Date09/20/2013
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$97,500,000
DefendantAmgen Inc.
Resolution Date09/20/2016
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$95,000,000
DefendantBank of America
Resolution Date10/25/2010
Settlement Amount$90,000,000
DefendantMF Global Ltd.
Resolution Date11/18/2011
Settlement Amount$90,000,000
DefendantNations Funds Trust
Resolution Date10/25/2010
Settlement Amount$90,000,000
DefendantReal Estate Associates ltd.
Resolution Date11/24/2003
SectorReal Estate
Settlement Amount$83,000,000
DefendantSt. Paul Travelers
Resolution Date07/24/2008
Settlement Amount$77,000,000
DefendantCredit Suisse Group
Resolution Date07/20/2012
Settlement Amount$70,000,000
DefendantSt. Paul Travelers
Resolution Date12/28/2005
Settlement Amount$67,500,000
DefendantRegions Morgan Keegan
Resolution Date08/06/2013
Settlement Amount$62,000,000
DefendantHewlett-Packard Co.
Resolution Date09/15/2014
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$57,000,000
DefendantOppenheimer (Champion Fund)
Resolution Date09/30/2011
Settlement Amount$52,500,000
DefendantCVS Caremark Corp.
Resolution Date02/17/2016
SectorConsumer Staples
Settlement Amount$48,000,000
DefendantMonster Worldwide, Inc.
Resolution Date11/25/2008
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$47,500,000
DefendantOppenheimer (Core Bond Fund)
Resolution Date09/30/2011
Settlement Amount$47,500,000
DefendantNu Skin Enterprises, Inc.
Resolution Date03/01/2016
SectorConsumer Staples
Settlement Amount$47,000,000
DefendantNII Holdings Inc.
Resolution Date09/16/2016
SectorTelecommunication Services
Settlement Amount$41,500,000
DefendantHuron Consulting Group Inc.
Resolution Date05/06/2011
Settlement Amount$38,000,000
DefendantSTEC, Inc.
Resolution Date05/23/2013
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$35,750,000
DefendantDHB Industries Inc.
Resolution Date07/08/2008
Settlement Amount$34,900,000
DefendantDeutsche Bank
Resolution Date07/11/2012
Settlement Amount$32,500,000
DefendantVan Kampen Funds, Inc.
Resolution Date01/18/2006
Settlement Amount$31,500,000
DefendantCelestica Inc.
Resolution Date07/28/2015
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$30,000,000
DefendantNovaGold Resources, Inc.
Resolution Date09/10/2010
Settlement Amount$26,600,000
DefendantSafeNet, Inc.
Resolution Date12/20/2010
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$25,000,000
DefendantTransaction Systems Architects, Inc.
Resolution Date09/29/2008
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$24,500,000
DefendantCarter's Inc.
Resolution Date10/11/2013
SectorConsumer Discretionary
Settlement Amount$23,300,000
DefendantAutoliv, Inc.
Resolution Date10/29/2014
SectorConsumer Discretionary
Settlement Amount$22,500,000
DefendantGildan Activewear Inc.
Resolution Date03/02/2011
SectorConsumer Discretionary
Settlement Amount$22,500,000
DefendantTake-Two Interactive
Resolution Date10/18/2010
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$20,115,000
DefendantInternational Business Machines
Resolution Date09/10/2008
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$20,000,000
DefendantColonial BancGroup Inc.
Resolution Date06/19/2015
Settlement Amount$18,400,000
DefendantJust for Feet
Resolution Date12/14/2005
SectorConsumer Discretionary
Settlement Amount$17,750,000
DefendantAeropostale, Inc.
Resolution Date05/14/2014
SectorConsumer Discretionary
Settlement Amount$15,000,000
DefendantComputron Software, Inc.
Resolution Date10/20/1998
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$15,000,000
DefendantFifth Street Finance Corp.
Resolution Date09/23/2016
Settlement Amount$14,050,000
DefendantAmerican Tower Corp.
Resolution Date06/11/2008
SectorReal Estate
Settlement Amount$14,000,000
DefendantAccuray Inc.
Resolution Date12/08/2011
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$13,500,000
DefendantLender Processing Services, Inc.
Resolution Date03/04/2014
Settlement Amount$13,100,000
DefendantKV Pharmaceutical Co.
Resolution Date04/23/2014
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$12,800,000
DefendantOmniVision Technologies, Inc.
Resolution Date06/05/2015
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$12,500,000
DefendantAmkor Technology Inc.
Resolution Date11/19/2009
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$11,250,000
DefendantCapRock Communications Corp.
Resolution Date11/21/2003
SectorTelecommunication Services
Settlement Amount$11,000,000
DefendantSupportSoft, Inc.
Resolution Date10/02/2007
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$10,700,000
DefendantEaton Vance Corp.
Resolution Date04/26/2006
Settlement Amount$10,500,000
DefendantInterMune, Inc.
Resolution Date08/29/2005
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$10,400,000
DefendantCyberguard Corp.
Resolution Date05/07/2004
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$10,000,000
DefendantHCC Insurance Holdings Inc.
Resolution Date07/17/2008
Settlement Amount$10,000,000
DefendantHerley Industries, Inc.
Resolution Date09/14/2010
Settlement Amount$10,000,000
DefendantMorgan Stanley & Co.
Resolution Date11/17/2005
Settlement Amount$10,000,000
DefendantMRV Communications Inc.
Resolution Date06/13/2013
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$10,000,000
DefendantA10 Networks, Inc.
Resolution Date09/15/2016
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$9,800,000
DefendantCastlight Health, Inc.
Resolution Date07/13/2016
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$9,500,000
DefendantVelti plc
Resolution Date02/03/2015
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$9,500,000
DefendantAble Laboratories
Resolution Date08/25/2010
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$9,150,000
DefendantVocera Communications, Inc.
Resolution Date07/29/2016
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$9,000,000
DefendantModel N, Inc.
Resolution Date04/05/2016
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$8,500,000
DefendantSpectranetics Corp.
Resolution Date04/05/2011
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$8,500,000
DefendantRoyal Group Technologies
Resolution Date03/11/2008
Settlement Amount$8,483,203
DefendantVan der Moolen Holding N.V.
Resolution Date12/07/2006
Settlement Amount$8,000,000
DefendantViroPharma Inc.
Resolution Date05/07/2015
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$8,000,000
DefendantSpectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Resolution Date06/13/2016
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$7,000,000
DefendantK12 Inc.
Resolution Date07/25/2013
SectorConsumer Discretionary
Settlement Amount$6,750,000
DefendantInfineon Technology AG
Resolution Date11/01/2011
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$6,200,000
DefendantInnerWorkings, Inc.
Resolution Date05/24/2016
Settlement Amount$6,025,000
DefendantChemed Corp.
Resolution Date07/15/2014
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$6,000,000
DefendantCoinstar Inc.
Resolution Date11/09/2012
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$6,000,000
DefendantMolson Coors
Resolution Date05/18/2009
SectorConsumer Staples
Settlement Amount$6,000,000
DefendantZale Corp.
Resolution Date07/10/2008
Settlement Amount$5,900,000
DefendantPricewaterhouseCoopers International Ltd.
Resolution Date10/07/2011
Settlement Amount$5,000,000
DefendantSonic Solutions
Resolution Date04/08/2010
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$5,000,000
DefendantCareer Education
Resolution Date09/18/2008
SectorConsumer Discretionary
Settlement Amount$4,900,000
DefendantWells Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc.
Resolution Date04/18/2013
SectorReal Estate
Settlement Amount$4,900,000
DefendantSterling Foster & Co.
Resolution Date10/31/2006
Settlement Amount$3,600,000
DefendantiMergent Securities
Resolution Date03/30/2011
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$2,800,000
DefendantNeuStar, Inc.
Resolution Date12/03/2015
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$2,625,000
DefendantPriceSmart Inc.
Resolution Date08/26/2005
SectorConsumer Staples
Settlement Amount$2,400,000
DefendantCbeyond, Inc.
Resolution Date01/05/2010
SectorTelecommunication Services
Settlement Amount$2,300,000
DefendantMaxim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Resolution Date09/25/2006
SectorHealth Care
Settlement Amount$2,300,000
DefendantDG FastChannel, Inc.
Resolution Date09/14/2011
SectorConsumer Discretionary
Settlement Amount$2,000,000
DefendantVesta Insurance Group, Inc.
Resolution Date08/09/2002
Settlement Amount$1,950,000
DefendantLimelight Network, Inc.
Resolution Date03/23/2011
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$1,900,000
DefendantCitadel Security Software, Inc.
Resolution Date12/15/2006
SectorInformation Technology
Settlement Amount$1,750,000
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