March 03, 2017

Leon Ali Parvizian, Arcturus Corporation, Aschere Energy LLC, Alfredo Gonzalez, AMG Energy, LLC, Robert Balunas, R. Thomas & Co., LLC

Offering Fraud

SANCTION AMOUNT: $15,650,000

Defendants: Arcturus Corporation, Aschere Energy LLC, AMG Energy, LLC, R. Thomas & Co., LLC
Leon Ali Parvizian, Alfredo Gonzalez, Robert Balunas

Defendant Parvizian and his two Dallas-based companies, Arcturus Corporation and Aschere Energy LLC - were found on summary judgment to have fraudulently raised approximately $22 million from at least 380 investors nationwide. They offered and sold unregistered interests in a drilling project in which they had no rights to participate or share profits. The other defendants also sold these interests, acting as unregistered broker-dealers.

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