Securities Group of the Year: Labaton Sucharow

Law360 profiled Labaton Sucharow’s “multifaceted securities team” as part of its annual Practice Group of the Year awards. The publication recognized the Firm for its “impressive wins for clients in the past year in class action litigation, opt-out cases and in representing whistleblowers in a landmark U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement action.”

Whistleblower Representation Chair Jordan Thomas said “what distinguishes us beyond the passion and the people and the commitment is specialization.” In addition to Labaton Sucharow’s “mainstay class actions group and uniquely SEC-focused whistleblower practice,” Law360 noted that the Firm’s direct actions and Delaware groups “set Labaton apart.”

Serena Hallowell, who leads the Direct Actions Group, one of a handful of such groups among securities practices nationally, said the Firm created the group to respond to our clients’ needs. “We have seen more and more of our clients who are interested in pursuing opt-out litigation and want to understand what their options are before their rights are extinguished,” she said.

Co-Chairman Chris Keller said that the Firm’s success is ultimately a result of the people. “Litigators are effectively paid mercenaries – you want them to get out and fight. Managing to bring people like that in and also work together in a cooperative team effort without a lot of territorialism is really hard to pull off and I think we have here. That is our secret sauce, so to speak.”

Named one of the top whistleblower practices/attorneys in the country by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and NPR
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