Whistleblowers, Secret Swiss Bank Accounts, and Recovering Hidden Assets

The New York County Lawyers Association will host a panel titled “Whistleblowers, Secret Swiss Bank Accounts, and Recovering Hidden Assets” on October 3, 2017 in New York, NY. This event will provide attendees with insight on how to search for assets that can be hidden by a variety of parties, including high net worth individuals, corporations, Ponzi schemes, and tax fraudsters. The discussion will also explore the methods that the private sector and governmental authorities use to recover hidden assets.

Partner Jordan A. Thomas will discuss how the SEC Whistleblower Program can provide qualifying tipsters with the largest payouts compared to any other reward programs in the world. Other participants include:


  • Fred L. Abrams, Attorney, Law Office of Fred L. Abrams
  • Jack Blum, Treasurer, Center for International Policy

The program’s full agenda is available here.

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