Anti-Whistleblower Provisions in Severance Agreements: A Legal Protection for Employees in 2017 and Beyond

The Knowledge Group will be hosting a live webcast featuring a panel of experts to discuss the significant and latest issues regarding anti-whistleblower provisions in severance agreements on August 17, 2017. The speakers will also discuss recent SEC enforcement actions and common compliance issues that employers should consider.

Partner Steven J. Durham will serve as a panelist to discuss why the SEC disciplines employers for prohibiting outgoing employees to participate in the SEC Whistleblower Program and the SEC’s commitment to keeping communication lines open for whistleblowers who will report corporate wrongdoings.

Key issues include:

  • Overview of the SEC’s Whistleblower Program
  • Recent Enforcement Activities
  • Penalty for Non-Compliance
  • Common Compliance Issues
  • Best Practices for Employers

The program’s full agenda is available here.

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