About Us

Whistleblowers deserve a strong partner to protect and advocate for them. Labaton Sucharow is the right firm, when you want to do the right thing—without regrets.

For nearly 50 years, clients have turned to Labaton Sucharow to prosecute high-profile and high-stakes securities fraud. Our track record is compelling. Our reputation is unsurpassed.  Indeed, on behalf of some of the most prominent institutional investors around the world, we have recovered billions of dollars and compelled sweeping corporate governance reforms to ensure that the financial marketplace operates with greater transparency, fairness, and accountability.

Credibility.  Experience.  Expertise. 

Our Whistleblower Representation Practice leverages this unparalleled securities litigation expertise, experience and resources to protect and advocate for those courageous individuals that are committed to reporting possible securities violations—sometimes at great personal and professional risk. The practice’s investor protection mission is an important part of our Firm’s long-standing commitment to corporate governance reform.

The practice is led by Jordan A. Thomas, a former Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in the Division of Enforcement at the SEC. During his tenure, Jordan played a leadership role in the development of the Whistleblower Program, including drafting the proposed legislation and the final implementing rules. As the principal architect and first National Coordinator of the SEC’s Cooperation Program, an initiative designed to facilitate and incentivize individuals and companies to self-report securities violations, he is uniquely qualified to provide legal advice to potential whistleblowers that may have civil or criminal liability. At the SEC, Jordan successfully investigated, litigated, and supervised a wide-variety of high-profile enforcement matters—Enron, Fannie Mae, Citigroup and UBS, among them—which resulted in monetary relief for harmed investors in excess of $35 billion. Read More

Complementing our lawyers’ extraordinary expertise and experience is a world-class in-house team of investigators, financial analysts, and forensic accountants with federal and state law enforcement experience, who utilize cutting-edge technology to help whistleblowers build successful submissions. Headquartered in the heart of Wall Street, we also have longstanding consulting relationships with experts in virtually every sector of the financial services industry. This established network of strategic partners is available to assist our Whistleblower Representation team in understanding novel or complex securities fraud schemes and overcoming the challenges that stand in the way of successful enforcement actions.

Unique Approach.

Labaton Sucharow was the first law firm to establish a national whistleblower practice focused exclusively on protecting and advocating for individuals who report violations of the federal securities laws. Unlike other whistleblower legal practices, we don’t attempt to do everything. We only represent individuals that are interested in reporting possible securities violations to the SEC and other law enforcement authorities. We are committed to helping our clients to make the difficult decision about whether, how, and when to blow the whistle. Accordingly, we invest substantial time and resources helping our clients to chart the best course of action. This involves focusing on key areas such as:  

  • Determining whether a significant violation of the federal securities laws has occurred; 
  • Understanding what our clients’ goals and objectives are; 
  • Examining the risks and rewards associated with reporting the violation to the SEC and other law enforcement authorities; and
  • Developing disclosure strategies that minimize the risk of retaliation and maximize any potential monetary award.

Our clients tend to be corporate insiders that have a lot to lose or other whistleblowers that are able to substantiate a significant possible securities violation. In evaluating cases, we are extremely selective. This approach allows us to focus on the most promising cases and ensures that each of our clients’ cases are a firm priority. We don‘t just file the necessary paperwork and disappear. We are in it for the long haul, guiding whistleblowers through tricky terrain with compassion and responsiveness.

Results Matter.

Our Firm has earned a national reputation for excellence and has been consistently recognized as one of the premier securities law firms by the courts and its peers. Several of the Firm’s partners have also been recognized nationally for their professional accomplishments. Read More