About Us

There’s no other way to say it: We live and breathe the securities laws.

Leveraging the Firm’s five decades of securities litigation experience, our practice—the nation’s first exclusively focused on SEC whistleblowers—marshals market-leading resources to protect and advocate for those courageous individuals who report possible securities violations, sometimes at great personal and professional risk.

Our practice was established by a principal architect of the SEC Whistleblower Program, Jordan Thomas, whose senior tenure at the SEC provides an unparalleled perch from which to strategize and support whistleblowers. His high-level enforcement experience includes some of the most complex and storied cases in the Commission’s history, including—Enron, Fannie Mae, Citigroup, and UBS—which resulted in more than $35 billion in relief for harmed investors.

A world-class in-house team of investigators, financial analysts, and forensic accountants complement our lawyers’ skills. Together, this collaborative team provides our clients with unparalleled counsel and nothing short of concierge service.

We are highly selective in the case we accept, typically resulting in a pipeline of 12 cases each year. Most often, our cases involve senior corporate insiders reporting violations of significant scope and scale. We also take cases involving novel and complex issues where the award may be minimal, but the policy implications lasting. As a result of our rigorous intake process, our clients have established ground-breaking precedents and received substantial monetary awards.